Palm Beach High School

The "School on the Hill" in West Palm Beach, FL

Several weeks ago there was an article and pictures in the Palm Beach Post about three couples who met at The Hut and got married. On Thursday, Aug. 6th there was another article asking for other couples who met at The Hut and married to send a brief description of that "defining moment" and a returnable "vintage photo" to:
or Anne Rodgers, Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700.
Anne wants to do a follow-up article because she already heard from several other couples. I know there are a lot of you out there, so don't waste time. Get your information to Anne and maybe we'll see a full page article.
Judy Wolfson Smith - 1952

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I didn't marry anyone I met there but I had a good hamburger once!
Dick Starita
Possibly the hamburger lasted longer than some marriages. (You want fries with that?)
There's a new PB Post article out today, 9-3-09, on this topic. One of my PBHS '60 classmates is mentioned (Sharon Cushman).
i remember meeting Sean Flynn, Erroll's free-lance photographer son who disappeared in Laos or Cambodian during the Viet Nam war and was never heard from again, and George Hamilton the IV. more likely the actual event was that i saw them in a neighboring car. this has nothing to do with the Hut, but wasn't Carol Baker (Lolita on celluloid) from West Palm Beach? if that's true, she probably had a hot dog or hamburger and cherry coke at the Hut.

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