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Hello, PBHS friends and classmates!

Most PBHS 1960 grads are retired by this time - but I am not! I'm reviving my career by republishing my books whose rights have reverted to me. This venture has required a whole new learning curve, but it's been fun.

Four recently digitized books are now available for your Kindle and your Nook and any other digital device, thanks to great efforts by the people I've hired to help me. I've rewritten the books for modern times; for instance, computers and cell phones weren't common when I wrote some of them, so I've brought them up-to-date.

I'm grateful for your support in this new phase of my writing career. Please go to to see my reviews, and I hope you'll leave one of your own. Anyone can be a reviewer - here's how:

On, go to Review Kindle Edition.

See the drop down menu, and click on See All Reviews.

Under Customer Reviews, click Create Your Own Review.

Under Start Here, click #1, how do you rate this item? (Note from me: I hope it's 4 or 5 stars!).

#2, Please enter a title for your review. (This can be anything, one word or a whole sentence.)

#3, Select written review. In the box, type at least 20 (I hope enthusiastic) words. (Suggestions; wonderful, insightful, great read, I'm buying this book for everyone I know, the author's brilliance is exceeded only by her blank blank blank.)

And so on. You will eventually have to choose a name that will appear with your posted review. It can be a pseudonym, but don't be too mysterious because I will want to thank you profusely for taking the time to do this.

That's it! Happy reading, everyone.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and check me out at Pamela Browning Author on Facebook. As always, thanks to all of you for your interest through the years.

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