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THAT'S OUR BABY! by Pamela Browning (Pam Ketter)

by Pamela Browning
Harlequin's Men In Uniform series
Released April, 2010
Send me a message through this site if you'd like me to mail you a copy - $5.00, including postage.
From the cover: Sam Harbeck wanted his best friend's widow to give him back what was his: the rights to the deposit he'd made to a sperm bank. He'd traveled to her remote cabin in Alaska to get her signature on the release. But he was too late - Kerry was already pregnant...with his child! Sam expected a fight from the ever-willful Kerry, but he didn't anticipate his own overwhelming desire for her...or the emotions her impending motherhood evoked in him. Being snowbound together only intensified his need for this woman. Had he arrived just in time to be a father to their baby?
(What a plot, right? My fellow yoginis in our Friday morning yoga class were amazed when I told them about it. They were so supportive that I dedicated the book to them. So Elaine, Cathy, Phyllis, Donna, Molasses, and visitors - thanks again. I miss y'all.)
This is the second book I've written with an Alaskan setting. The first was KISSES IN THE RAIN, published in 1987 by Harlequin American.
Please visit my website at to learn more about my books and career.

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