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I'm sure you all remember that the faculty voted me class genius and I was in fact the real valedictorian but it was stripped from me by some unscrupulous classmate who hacked our computer and changed all my grades.  I know you remember that I was also the best athlete in the whole damn school and was faster'n Medford and MacMillan and all those pretenders.  These are the facts on which I have based my career up here in Philadelphia and New York so please back me up if you bump in to any of my clients, children or grandchildren.


PS  I have used this large bold type not for my reading ease but rather yours because I know if you are reading this, you are moving towards seventy.  Where the hell is the send button?

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Yes, Harris, I do remember you as fast. So what were we doing out on the fire escape with Eddie Weston at the Governor's Club Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale at that journalism convention reading the Bible? At the end of our senior year? While someone else had taken over your shared room for (no doubt nefarious) purposes? The Bible was great journalistic inspiration, but.....

I'll bet you're the only one who remembers that, Pam - LOL!!

I bet Eddie remembers it too, but we haven't heard from him since. He fell asleep halfway through the Begats. Ed? ED? Maybe we should have started out 'long about Ephesians instead.




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