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Get-em stired up Richard.

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Since WPB is forever ingrained in my heart and mind, it must be protected. It's a shame that the politics are so corrupt and the influx of undesirables. The only way that will change is by being heard and taking proactive measures. Begin by organizing discussion groups and prioritize the issues according to importance and feasibility. It must begin somewhere at a grass roots level and don't be surprised at the surprising pace because of the pent up emotions of the public. Attend city council meetings when the issues are defined and provide them in a professional manner. Along the way professionals and some city leaders will join ithe groups and can  provide guidence when and how to be the most effective. It will be a long journey but well worthwhile. When the city elected officials begin to take note it will indicate a milestone. Also, the group must prepare and plan what actions to take when a particular politician opposes or doesn't support the changes. The group must form a political action committee to unseat the official. Everyday there are examples of citizens organizing and making a difference in their communities. Create a catchy phrase for the name that reflects the goal or mission. Thirty years ago there was a big outrage about busing in the LA School District. My pharmacistt's wife who waited on the customers began the very effective "Bus Stop" action committee! AShe was a plain appearing women that didn't seem to be very dynamic but obviously had the right skills to organize and attract like minded citizens. Eventually they won and she served a term in Congress!  Now take the first step and get a few like minded friends, business associates, neighbors, relatives and plan the first meeting. Do it now.  Richard
There was a technical glitch when I edited and corrected some of my grammatical errors and sentance structure. In fact, the above message disappeared for about 30 seconds much to my chargin. I tried different steps and resurrected it thankfully but without the corrections. Oh well.  Richard




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