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Phipps Park, Baseball, and West Palm Beach in the '50s

Todays article in the Palm Beach Post will remind you of good times growing up in West Palm Beach. Here's the link to the full story, and an excerpt follows below:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WEST PALM BEACH — Was West Palm Beach ever really a small town, more Mayberry than metro area?

Every now and again you run into somebody who says it was, somebody who can remember all the way back to 1951, when the family-style amusement of Little League baseball first came to the city.

It was a tinier time, all right. Telephone numbers in Palm Beach County were only four digits long. Few homes had televisions. Ribeyes started at just $1.25 at the Okeechobee Steakhouse, and the road that took you there, way out west of downtown in rooster country, was two lanes wide......(more follows)

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Comment by Kristi Chapman on July 4, 2009 at 2:50pm
Do you remember the (blessedly short) time in Jr. High that we wore HOOP skirt slips? Nikki Marmo would get so disgusted with hers that she would take it of before the end of the day. I also remember starching my crinolins with sugar (once) and even beer (once) because they were supposed to be superior to plain starch. The sugar was sticky by 3rd. period and the beer made me smell like a drunk - no air conditioning in school (or at home) in those days. Four of us could contribute a quarter and buy enough gas to cruise Dixie highway all Friday night. I still yell "Cemetary Bump!" and tense up for my head to hit the ceiling when I pass the spot, even though there is no bump anymore.
Comment by Pam Ketter Browning on July 4, 2009 at 1:36pm
Mullets. For the down-south crowd there was also the DDI (Dixie Drive-in). Went there sometimes, too. Kristi, I remember all of us piling into Carole B's car and her parents driving us to those junior high games at PBHS on Thursday nights....those were the best times!! We always wore jeans and loafers or saddle shoes, but then when we got to PBHS, we had to wear dresses (with crinolines, and no straight skirts because they made it impossible to climb up the bleachers) to the games because that was What You Did when you were in senior high. I wonder who decided such things?
Comment by Kristi Chapman on July 3, 2009 at 4:10pm
We moved here in 1956 and, since we came from a snowbound Minnesota town of 7,000. West Palm Beach seemed like a metropolis. But I remember that Okeechobee Road (NOT blvd.) was shellrock out West by the Okeechobee Drive Inn (NOT Steakhouse) as was much of Military trail. The names on the front page and in the obituaries of the Palm Beach Post AND Times were always familiar - everyone turned out for the Friday nught PBHS football games as well as the Thursday night Junior High games. After ward we could walk around the corner to the Carvel or go up to Belvedere and Dixie to the Howard Johnsons. The hip crowd who lived in WPB hung out at the Hut but those of us who lived North of 59th. Street preferred Murphy's Drive In.(Can anyone remember the fish name that was given to us kids from Rivera? Not Riviera Beach) We went to Saturday night RiBi Teen dances, first at Steens on the beach and later at the city garage. The rough concrete floor wore out many a pair of shoes. The "bad" tough boys smoked. Drugs? You took them when you were sick. Liquor? Plenty of that at college but none for my crowd while in high school. It was a "Leave it to Beaver" time and I'm so grateful I grew up then, and here.



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