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A friend of over 50 years e-mailed me about this site. Diane Hailey Wallace and I go back to the late 50s when she was in a half body cast from surgery and I was her paper boy when she lived on Avon Rd. I immediately sent this to as many classmates as I had e-mail addresses for so they could join.
Many thanks to to those folks that created and maintain this wonderful site.

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Comment by Robin E. McMurray on January 14, 2011 at 12:50pm

Howdy Stanger,

What a pleasant surprise.  Seems we saw each other a few years ago. Don't remember when but I don't remember well anymore.  I live in Del Rio, Tn., in the Smokys.  We have been snowed in since last Friday and will be lucky to get off the mountain by Sunday. Glad you are doing well, Gramps. I have three step young'uns and one of my own as far \as I know.  We're aging gracefully and I won't miss any kind of reunion.  Jim Grantham gets a bunch of us together that live in surrounding states several times a year so if you're going to be up this way, let me or Jim know and we'll try to work a mini reunion around your visit.

Take care of yourself, Jerry.  Our numbers are shrinking. Please keep in touch.  My e-mail is  and the phone is (423)487-4419.


Comment by Jerry Rudoff on January 14, 2011 at 11:39am

Hello Robin.. 

I hope that all is well with you and yours.  It amazes me just how long it has been since our earlier days at Central Elem, Central Jr. Hight and PBHS... After all this time my sister still sees Diane and some of her old friends but I must say that unfortunately I have not been able to maintain that much contact.  I guess I sort of got side tracked with rasing a family and work...Are you still in WPB?  I'm also happy to say that my daughter has since made us grandparents and now lives in Palm Beach Gardens where we go to visit and try to do so on a regular basis... Well Robin, take care and continued good health...jerry rudoff



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